Exhibition design by ecxpo

Corporate imaging through an impressive exhibition design

ecxpo turns your brand into an experience. Trade fair concepts in a three-dimensional space not only convince through a target-group-specific approach, but above all through an impressive concept – according to your corporate identity.


Design creates emotion

We develop a trade fair concept that reflects your corporate core, is tailored to your corporate design and inspires your target group. Customer relationships often start at the booth. The first contact. The first conversation. The first impression counts. We ensure the emotionalisation of your brand image.


“You will never have a second chance to make a first impression”

(Will Rogers)


Space for brands, messages and dialogues

Communication in in space: a booth is complex and multi-sensory. A strategic overall idea enables optimal development of your concept. Unique and individually tailored to your brand. The development of a target-group specific trade fair design requires a lot of strategy and interdisciplinary communication. Spacefor dialogue with your target group – so that your booth becomes a live experience.


So that your trade fair appearance becomes a very special event.

Dialogue as the foundation of success. Let’s talk about your project together.